Special Autonomy “Plus” not answering problems of Papua

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May 17, 2013

 by  Oktovianus POGAU at SuaraPapua.com

PAPUAN, Jakarta – The Draft Special Autonomy Law Plus (Otsus) that is being discussed with  the central government  and the governor of Papua province will be deemed not to answer the questions and the problems in Papua.

“To my assessment Autonomy Plus  will not answer the problems in Papua, Papuan people are only asking to hold a dialogue as the only peaceful solution,” Syamsul Alam, staff member of the Commission for Victims of Violence (KontraS), said in a discussion session about the release of  Political Prisoners in Papua, in KontraS office, Thursday (05/16/2013) yesterday.

According to Alam, granting Autonomy Plus will further extend the Papua issue, because so far government agencies in Papua were never worked together to build Papua as a land of peace.

” Five Papuan representation of Peace Conference have been selected since the Papuan Peace Conference was held …

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